How To Find High Quality Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are some of the highest quality rugs in the world.  The villages and towns each have their own styles, patterns and designs.  There are some other countries who make fantastic rugs, like Afghanistan, Turkey, and I have heard that Armenian Rugs are good too.  For me though, there is something about Persian rugs that intrigues me. Here are a few example of Persian Rugs.


Why are handmade rugs preferable?

You may not care if the rug is machine-made or hand made.  This is fine but machine-made rugs are not as prized and are cheaper.

In this post I want to teach you about rugs.  I will show you how to find high quality ones, how too tell if they were mass produced, and how to tell if they are really worth the price listed.

How to find a quality Rug?

Well let’s just say that you have already found a place that sells quality rug.  This should not be hard because you can go on google and search for a rug store near you.  Now how do you check the quality.  The first thing to do is to see if the designs are clear and defined, or muddy and smashed together.  Also, make sure to note if the rug has a certain polish, but does not shine.  This means the rug was made from high quality wool.  You should also look at the fringe of the rug, as this is also an easy way to tell if it is handmade and high quality or not. The fringe should be a continuation of the stings on the back side and an integral part of the rug, rather than something glued or sowed on. Next you should  turn over a bit of the rugs so you can see the back.  If you cannot see the tan or whitish threads on the back are there is rubber or something else, just walk away.  This means that it was not handmade and a much lower quality.  While looking on the back of the rug, you need to look at that KPI, or Knot Per Square Inch.  This is a good way for you to determined how much work went into the rug.  If the KPI approaches 200, the rug is considered fine, and keep in mind you do not have to count that high, but you can make the determination about how high you are willing to count.  One last thing to look at is the symmetry.  If the designs on the rug and the knots are symmetrical, than the rug is of high quality.

If you find a rug that you really like, but does not match up to all of these indicators, then by all means buy the rug.  Only you can decide what looks good to you, I am just providing a way to check if the rug is handmade and high quality or not.  I hope you go to a rug store after reading this and check out some of the rugs there and maybe even find one that you like and buy it.

If anyone has a few more methods on how to tell if a rug is high quality, comment below!

!خدا حافظ (Goodbye!)


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