Persian Cultural Centers Around Santa Barbara

I’m not sure is you guys know where I live, but I live in Southern California and visit Santa Barbara very frequently.  It is an amazing city and everywhere you go it is absolutely gorgeous. Now if you live in Los Angles, you may know that there is a fairly large Persian Community (which I may cover in a future post) but that has not transferred over into Santa Barbara. As I have said, I have spent quite a lot of time in the city and over the years, I have been able to locate a few awesome places who really show off Persian Culture, whether it be a secret menu or their selling point. If you are ever in Santa Barbara, you should go and check out some of these places for an insight into Persian Culture.


A palm tree of the Santa Barbara beach.

First, we have the deli or sandwich place, Sam’s To Go.  They mostly serve all types of sandwiches, ranging from Turkey Melts, to what they call, “The Gaucho”.  I am not sure about all of their locations, or if they even still do serve this (I hope they do),  but I went to their Isla Vista Location a few years ago and they served me some very good Persian Food.  I think it may have been a really good Kebab or Ghormeh Sabzi.


Now down on State Street, there is a little family owned rug store called Noorsher Furniture and Rugs. The Owner, Yousof, is one of the nicest people I have met and will take all of the time you need to help you find the perfect rug. He goes out to Afghanistan, Iran, India and a few other places to get his rugs and then brings them back to his store to sell.  The rugs at the shop are amazing, there are extremely high quality ones for upwards of $5,000. There prayer rugs and some other, large rugs that are in near perfect condition that were made over 60 Years ago!!  I defiantly you go check out this store and talk to Yousof and hear his story.  If you have the money, many of his rugs aren’t that expensive.


This was one of the Rugs in the store at the time. It has most likely been sold already.

Comment below about Persian places or areas in your city!

!خدا حافظ (Goodbye!)



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