The History of Persian Literature

Persian Literature is regarded as being the “Jewel of Persian Culture”. The reason it is so highly regarded is because it has influenced the writing of the Greeks in the Balkans, to Turks in Anatolia, and to the Muslims in India. One of the most famous Persian writers was, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, or Rumi, who is fairly well known in America for being a Middle Eastern Poet, but we cant start with him, as he is too far down the line.  We need to start earlier.

In fact, a lot earlier.  The first recorded Persian Poetry Verses are from the 8th century.  The reason all of this literature started to pop up is because the Islamic Caliphates lost control of Persian areas.  Some notable people from this period are Rudaki and Daqiqi, who were some of the first Poets.

Now on to Rumi.  He was not just a Persian poet, he was the Persian Poet.  It is believed he lived from 1207 to 1273, but that is not exact.  Any who, it is widely regarded that his greatest work was Maṭnawīye Ma’nawī, which is the Persian religious book for Sufis.  Rumi was a Sufi himself and much of his poems and writing is very religious orientated. He is also credited for founding the sect.  His legacy still lives on to this day,  as his poetry formed the basis for classical Persian Music and poetry.  He is also a one of the most well known poets in the United States.

This is Rumi.

From the same period we have the folk tale,  On Thousand And One Nights.  This story is absolutely amazing as it was updated, changed and even added to over several Hundred Years.  The story is about The Sassanid Queen who must tell her husband a collection of stories so that she will not be executed by him and reads him these stories over one thousand and one nights.

The Thirteenth through Fifteen Centuries were some of the best time for Persian Literature.  So much happened during this time that I will only give a few examples out of the fifty that I could.  Some of the most notable people include Zafar Nameh and Jami, who influenced Persian Culture so much that it changed forever.

For the modern Period, it has not been as influential, but there was a call for reform that spawned some more great writers, such as Mas’ud Farzad and Sohrab Sepehri.

Comment what are some of your favortie Persian Books below.

!خدا حافظ (Goodbye!)



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