Persian Influence in Los Angeles

I have mentioned in the past about the Persian migration into LA, and I would love to tell y’all about this amazing place!

A restaurant in Westwood.

About 300,000 Iranian Americans live in  Southern California, which is the largest amount in the World outside of Iran, but most live in a neighborhood of Los Angeles called Westwood, or cutely names, Tehrangeles.  This area is absolutely flooded with Persian Culture, even many signs are in Farsi!

Image result for tehrangeles

A Kebab Restaurant with a sign in Farsi.

One of the main reasons behind this massive immigration was the Islamic Revolution.  A major reasons that Iranians and flocked to this area was because the landscape and environment is similar to Iran and reminded many of home.

This mass immigration is such a short time has changed a lot of Los Angeles.  For example, because many Persian went out to eat later, restaurants started to extend their hours to accommodate this. There have also been a massive amount of Persian restaurants in this area and all around Los Angeles.  These restaurants are often created to remind their fellow Persian of their homeland and to keep their culture alive.  There is another food related change to Los Angeles that was brought about by Persians, Persian Ice Cream.

Persian Ice Cream has become very, very popular in LA and most people there have at least tried it.  This Ice Cream traditional uses more organic and healthy alternatives than American ice Cream, and is also flavored with rosewater to give it an interesting taste and smell.

There is an area in Westwood that has been designated by the city of Los Angeles as “Persian Square”.  It is called this because everything around there are Persian Restaurants.  From Cafes, Ice Cream Shops, to Cafe’s, its all Persian.Image result for persian square westwood

This part of LA was created so that Persian people could experience their culture outside of their country.  It was started by immigrants and people new to American Life.  Now it has turned into a cultural hub where a most Persians in Southern California live.  There are many successful people there who where born in the US and never left, but also got to experience their culture through all of the immersion that is in that area.  It is also amazing because it is bigger than most other immigrate populations of the city, like Little Japan, or even Chinatown.

It is truly an amazing place and I highly recommend that you go and check it out!

!خدا حافظ (Goodbye!)



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