Is Persian Culture the Only Culture In Iran?

I bet many people who think of Iran tend to think of Persian, but it is actually a very diverse country filled with many different cultures and racial groups.

In Iran the racial groups go like this,

Persians 61%
Azerbaijanis 16%
Kurds 10%
Lurs (incl. Bakhtiari people) 6%
Turkmens (and other Turks in Iran) 2%
Arabs 2%
Baloch 2%
Others (mainly Talysh, Armenians, Georgians, Circassians, Assyrians, Mandeans, and Tats) 1%

Here is a map of Iran that shows the different ethnic groups.

All of these cultures have influenced each other throughout history and are very interesting on their own.  Some are very close to Persian culture, like Kurdish culture in Iran, but some are very diverse and interesting, like Azerbaijani culture.
Now the next question is, how did Persian Culture influence all of this?
Well, many of these cultures are similar to Persian because they cam about in the same region, like its relationship with Kurdish Culture.  In fact, they celebrate Norwuz, their language is fairly similar to Farsi, and they share the same love for rug-making as Persians.  But what about cultures that were not similar to Persian?

A group of Kurdish people doing a traditional dance.

Here is a very quick crash-coarse in the Baloch culture.  The Balochi people are largely nomadic and they stretch from Pakistan, to Afghanistan, and then into Southern Iran.  They have been nomadic for a very long time but have been forced to urbanize in Pakistan.  They have their own sect of Islam called Zikri or Mahdavism that many other Muslims in India and Pakistan also practice.  They do not celebrate Norwuz, but their language is also very similar to Farsi.

A Balochi painting.

So how has Persian Culture influenced this culture.  I mean the Baloch are from Syria but migrated, while the Persians are from modern day Iran, but dont discount Iran and Persia.  With a large population of the Baloch people living in Iran, they have adopted a few quirks to their friends in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  For example, the Balochi in Iran speak Farsi along with Balochi and again, enjoy our love of Rug-making.  (Although that specific trait was not founded in Persian Culture)
There are so many different types of people in Iran, it makes you wonder how all of those people came to this one region of the world that we call Iran.

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