Ancient Persian Art

Today I would like to talk about Ancient Persian Art. If you are unfamiliar with this subject then you are in for a treat. Persian Art has one of the oldest and richest histories in the world. In fact, it goes as far back as almost 3,000 years ago.

A Painting showing Persian warriors charging in battle.

Persian Art hasn’t been stagnant either, it has evolved and changed many times over the years into what it is today. Back in around 3,000 BCE, Persian art was mostly influenced by the Sumerian Early Pottery and other art forms. Then, a few thousand years later, Bronze art started to be made and with it, absolutely beautiful sculptures. These pieces have all been found in mainly Teppe Hasanlu, Iran and the surrounding area.


At the same time, other pieces were made in many different forms. From rock reliefs on Persepolis to sculptures that have stood the test of time. Some of the coolest art of this period has definitely got to be the rock reliefs. The biggest ones are 15 feet high and carved in stone on the side of caves, mountains or walls of ancient cities.  

A painting depicting ancient Persian hunters.


We now have the Parthian period which lasted until 200 CE. This combined Hellenic (greek) and Persian styles which were created in the Achaemenids Period. The best examples of Achaemenids art is in Palmyra, Syria. Unfortunately, ISIS has intentionally destroyed some of it but much is still intact.  

We next have the Sassanid Period which built on much of what was done in the Achaemenids Period. It expanded on how Persian Art was created and how it was innovated. Many of the iconic pre-islamic paintings and works come from this era and are beautiful.

A handcrafted box depicting a small skirmish in ancient Persia.


We now come to the Islamic Era. This is when much of the Persian Style was cast aside for the Arab Art style. This has influenced the way Persian Art was made to this day and permanently altered the path of their artwork. Much of this Islamic Art has persisted to this day, especially with the Iranian government encouraging Islamic themed art.


From creating Pottery 3,000 years ago, it spawned one of the most beautiful artistic cultures in the world, with countless paintings, sculptures and incredible artists.  Comment below what your favorite era was!


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